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"Zero Contact Dockets in Response to COVID-19"

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Mark Shepherd-Smith

CEO and Co-Founder

“People need to change the way they interact permanently”

The latest advice from the Australian Chief Medical officer was focussed on human interaction, but the implications are just as big for business.

Paper dockets in construction are one area currently in the crosshairs.  A process that has long been acknowledge as costly and inefficient now carries the underlying risk of virus transmission.

I was talking to a construction manager last week and he described the risk management approach for paper dockets on his project.  The Supervisor would stand with an inbox attached to a broom stick and the operators would place their dockets in the tray.  The supervisor was then tasked with going through the pile of dockets with gloved hands to photograph the dockets with a smart phone to avoid sending them to head office.  Obviously, this is not a sustainable solution but it illustrates the human response to this elevated risk.

There are some companies that have digital proof of delivery solutions but they fall short when it comes to contactless verification.  I can now no longer scrawl my signature onto the Australia Post device.  Fedex have stopped customer signing.  And many of our major suppliers are moving to email-only dockets.

The missing piece of the puzzle in these solutions is client verification.  As 'old school' as it is, the simple signature indicates the goods were received or services delivered.  Now we have dropped that like the proverbial hot potato without consideration to how we will manage the disputes that will inevitably result.

As a cloud-based docket transaction engine, Docketbook has long supported digital docket workflow and client accept/reject of dockets to streamline the invoicing and payment process.  In response to Coronavirus, we have extended this capability to 'wet signatures'. 

In the simplest of user experiences, the docket is sent via text or email to the recipient who taps on a link, reviews the docket and signs it on their own device.  Further, the sending and verification are captured in the inbuilt audit log attached to each docket.  The signed docket is available to both parties instantly, with zero contact.

Available either as a stand-alone end to end solution or as an integrated extension to existing electronic delivery systems, Docketbook solves contactless verification as well as improving the flow of data between suppliers and customers.

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